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As a veteran dependent, you create, manage, support, and mend. The sacrifices you make in career, social, time, and family are understood by few. Your resiliency and strength provide mental relief to your loved ones, of whom enable the security of our whole nation and that of her allies.
You have been recognized by agencies and organizations, and earned benefits similar to your loved ones. We at VETS2INDUSTRY are honored to endeavor to provide you with opportunities, education, and information regarding  your current and future benefits.

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The military dependent community is constantly changing.
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Grow Your Voice, Overcome Your Fears Podcast

MSgt Arrington will cover how he has made it a mission to educate the whole Veteran community on a world of FREE resources that the vet community has no clue[…]

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Salute to American Corporate Partners

Giving Recognition Where It’s Due Brian Arrington, a US Air Force Master Sergeant, provides a video “thank you” to American Corporate Partners (ACP). ACP is a national nonprofit organization focused[…]

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Q&A on veteran benefits and support opportunities

Live Mentor Session for Veterans

  This Keeps Growing… As many of you know, I founded the first online Veteran Resource Library here at 4 weeks ago. Last night I conducted my first Facebook[…]

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Survivor’s Guilt in the Military and After

Survivor’s Guilt in the Military and Veteran Community How to recognize it and what to do about it. Reposted with permission by the author, Meaghan Mobbs. Originally posted on PsychologyToday.[…]

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