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An integral part of a veteran family, you create, manage, support, and mend.
The sacrifices you make in career, social, time, and family are understood by few. Your resiliency and strength provide mental relief to your loved ones, of whom enable the security of our whole nation and that of her allies.   
You have been recognized by agencies and organizations, and earned benefits similar to your loved ones. We at VETS2INDUSTRY are honored to endeavor to provide you with opportunities, education, and information regarding  your current and future benefits.

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Career Transition… What Does A Great Opportunity Look Like?
Employment Spouse Veteran

Career Transition… What Does A Great Opportunity Look Like?

  Expanding my horizons I have been trying to figure out a way to broach this and get some dialog...
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Bryan Ostrowski

Bryan C. Ostrowski VETS2INDUSTRY - Board of Directors   Professional Results driven, senior leader that gained experience across Fortune...
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Bobbi Young

After serving 10 years as an Air Force enlisted member, with over 15 years of Intelligence Analysis experience, Bobbi has...
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John Cash

John L. Cash, Jr. The Narmer Group, LLC 678-787-8098   Professional Accomplished as a United States Air Force Officer,...
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