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Brian Arrington

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Brian Arrington here – I am about to give you some links to read through or watch.

These are hand-selected for you to learn the
foundations of transitioning from the military, landing a career, finding the resources that you need, and most importantly, setting you up for success.

This is not busy work! I have shared these resources to every veteran that has reached out for support and we have received nothing but glowing feedback. It is about 2-3 hours of homework, but it will give you a foundation that the VETS2INDUSTRY team can then build upon.

Do these all in the order here and it will blow your mind!

After you’ve reviewed everything on the list below, we can talk about getting you networked up, identify your career aspirations, and receive a proven guide to interview success… all for free!

Brian Arrington

#How_Can_I_Help? #Pay_It_Forward

Proven Checklist

Facebook Mentorship Session


Facebook mentorship session on Veteran Service Organizations that provide FREE services and support for Veterans and Dependents 

Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet


Build up your LinkedIn profile with Michael Quinn’s Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet. Also check out my LinkedIn profile for more insight on how to make your profile shine

Informational Interviews


Article on how to network via Informational Interviews. Be sure to check out the embedded links for a book and video 

Veteran and Dependent Resources and Transitioning


International online radio show interview on Veteran and Dependent Resources and Transitioning 



Website of free veteran and military family resources (online library). Come explore!

Behind the Curtain


Some background on my mindset and the ideas behind #How_Can_I_Help? and #Pay_It_Forward

Introduction to ACP


Importance of mentorship and an introduction to American Corporate Partners (ACP)

Who is Brian Arrington?


About my military transition and how I landed at Wells Fargo

Are You Finished?

Have you accomplished all of the links above? Get in touch with the VETS2INDUSTRY team and get on the path to success!

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